O4U‘s full-time education consultants are familiar with UK higher education, experienced and trained by our trusted university partners and experts. This highly skilled and professional team can help students, especially oversea students, to suggest best options according to their capabilities and needs and apply for their ideal universities/colleges/schools in order to achieve the best outcome. The service is free of charge to all UK based international students.

British postgraduate study is very popular among domestic and overseas students in the UK. The length of study is last one or two years with advanced teaching content and high teaching quality. More and more postgraduate programs are supported by local companies, so that current postgraduate students can get more practical experience from short-term jobs/ internships. Generally, the application will be submitted with your own email address through the official application channel of British universities. We can apply for more than 6 universities at one time. Any update or changes will be emailed to you by the universities directly. We aim to make the whole process of application to be transparent, efficient and trustworthy. Please consult O4U staff for details.

British undergraduate study has always maintained a very powerful position in the world universities. There are many categories of majors in the UK for all international students, such as Business, Clinical Medicine, Electronic Engineering, Biotechnology, Psychology and so on. The length of undergraduate education is normally 3 years. We will apply through UCAS, the official application channel for British undergraduates by your own contact information (your own email address), and we can apply to 5 universities at one time. That means you can track on your process of applications anytime and receive direct response from the universities regarding to your application. We aim to make the whole process of application to be transparent, efficient and trustworthy. Please consult O4U staff for details.

We are not only taking care of our students’ study but also all aspects of living. We understand before you start your course, there are many things will be headaches to you when you decide to live in a total strange place. Here we can help you to choose your ideal accommodation by considering price, location, safety, conveniency and other preferences. To make living abroad easier! Please consult O4U staff for details.

We offer great deals for students who need some extra storage space throughout the year. From only £2 a week, you can take away the hassle of moving belongings from student halls to home – then back to halls again! Our units in Leicester come in a range of sizes and are accessible 24/7 – with hi-tech security and CCTV monitoring your belongings at all times.

At O4U Storage, we understand that you’ll often need to store your belongings over the holidays rather than dragging everything back home. That’s why we offer students in Leicester a range of storage solutions from just £2 a week as part of a flexible contract at our Space Place branded site.

Whether you’re studying at the University of Leicester, De Montfort University or any of the colleges in Leicester, O4U Storage is ideally located to solve your self-storage needs. Our storage facility is only half a mile from De Montford University main campus, and close to DMU accommodation such as CODE, Newark Point Unite and Westmanor. If you’re studying at University of Leicester and looking for storage, we’re only half an hour away on foot or 10 minutes by car or taxi from the main campus and an easy walk from Brookfield. We’re also on the bus route from Oadby Student Village – just get off at St Margaret’s Bus Station.


•Affordable Storage Prices
•Flexible Contracts
•Insurance Available
•Safe and Secure
•Close to Leicester City Centre

Storage Price

  small boxes big boxes
less than 6 weeks £3/box/week £5/box/week
more than 6 weeks £1/box/week £2/box/week
Storage box £5/box  
City Pickup £10/order  
small box no more weight 10kg, big box no more with 23kg

We are happy to support any aspect of your living and study. You are more than welcome to visit our offices or contact our members of staff regarding any difficulties you are facing. Please find our contact information in the page of Contact us.

Contact us

1. 1v1 Consultation

Discuss your options with one of our education consultants. We help you select the best courses at the best universities based on your academic background.

2. Preparation

We help you gather all the documents you need to apply. We will check if everything is accurate and ready for your application.

3. Application

We fill in your application form and do everything for you within a day so you can just sit back and relax while waiting for your offer. We also make sure if you need to do a pre-sessional English course before your degree course and apply for that with you as well.

4. Accepting offer

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5. Visa & Accommodation

Our certified visa advisors will apply for your visa free of charge with our success rate being over 90%. Our accommodation department will also help you find a home in the UK to ensure you are settled before your course starts.

Absolute advantages

Regain the initiative and be transparent about the application process

Market pain points: The number of ordinary overseas study agencies on the market is not completely transparent, and the application email cannot be obtained, which causes any important progress information about documents, offers, refusals, etc. to be updated late in the application process; in some cases, the school cannot be actively contacted; the application process is only under the passive operation of the intermediary, there is no choice but to wait and be passive.

O4U’s Absolute Advantage: It’s up to you to apply! Applications are made using the student’s own email address. Applications are guaranteed to be submitted within 7 days. Make sure you know the progress information such as supplementary materials, offers, and refusal letters, and make sure that every step of the application is clear, communicate with the university at zero distances, and not be kidnapped by the intermediary. The initiative is completely in your own hands.

1v1 VIP consultant, to accompany you throughout the application process

Market pain points: Most of the overseas study agencies in the market are in charge of separating the student’s consultant and the application officer, resulting in poor communication of information; a large number of matching students, insufficient tracking, and most of the network communication, student problems can not be resolved in time.

O4U’s absolute advantage: At O4U, from the first day of signing contract, to collecting materials, to submitting an application, to getting offer letters from universities, the dedicated consultant will follow up the entire application process; even including back-up applications,
Obtaining Graducation Certificate on your behalf if you are not in the UK … Every Important moments for studying in the UK are accompanied by your O4U dedicated consultant!

O4U customers free value-added services, the most intimate home

Market Pain points : The general study abroad agencies on the market are only responsible for universities applications. When students come to the UK, they might not speak fluent english, no one helps them, and many difficulties in their new life. they probably don’t  know what to do in the first few weeks …

O4U’s Absolute Advantage: In addition to applying for offers, we can also do these! 1v1 special person will provide services of assisting the student to make an appointment to apply for a UK bank card, assisting the student for school registration, assisting the student for NHS medical registration, even providing free luggage storage services during summer vacation, free graduation certificate receiving service on your behalf, free consignment of used supplies … Free value-added services for O4U students, which is intimate for every international student in the UK Family!

We help you make informed decisions that will help you forge ahead in your life

Student first approach

Our experts will guide you right from choosing your course, to admissions, journey and supporting your stay.


We are continuously accessible and highly approachable as we break down both academic and financial barriers.


We are continuously accessible and highly approachable as we break down both academic and financial barriers.


Our determined and focused team of consultants are motivated by the outcome of each of our processes. Experience the world as your classroom and open your eyes to new cultures, heritages, language and history. Open the door to personal growth and discovery with O4U.